Images of Hanoi in the late 19th century

A collection of images of Hanoi city in the late 19th century

6 most beautiful ancient covered bridges in Vietnam

The structure inside the bridge is simple but firm, the bridge has 9 bends like rainbow on 18 strong rock pillars. On the stone pillar is a system of horizontal bars to support the beams. The bridge floor is designed as two distinct parts.

Images of Hanoi life in the early morning

Not noisy, bustling and stuffy as usual, Hanoi streets every early morning is very peaceful and tranquil.

Images of Ninh Binh in late 20th century

This is a photo collection made by German photographer Hans-Peter Grumpe when he visited Vietnam in 3 years 1991 - 1993
Below are the photos taken in Ninh Binh on a trip in 1991.

Entrance fees at popular tourist sites in Vietnam

Forbidden City (Royal Citadel - Hue Royal Maritime Museum); VND 150,000 / person. Vietnamese citizens 120,000 VND. Elderly people from 60 years old (with identification card), persons with severe disabilities or more (with certification) 75,000 VND.

Vietnam trip from north to south

At 12 we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City where we were picked up by a driver who drove us to our hotel, the New World Saigon Hotel . It was the most beautiful hotel in town if you ask me! We checked in and got our key card to the room on the highest floor. Later we went for a walk in the area, ate lunch at a big "street market" with a shadow area (we did not bother us over the heat, haha!)...

Hoi An and Cu Lao Cham

After seeing this magnificent beach from above, we could not resist the temptation to take a bath and went straight there. There are restaurants where good seafood at the edge of the beach eats. Then we went on the bike to others closer to Hoi An beach. All the beaches are virtually untouched and uncrowded, only  there are a few resorts. It is the ideal place to enjoy the sea...

Experience to travel Vietnam by train

Hanoi and Sai Gon are usually start/finish points of a train trip, from Hanoi you can take the train to Sapa or Lang Son and then continue to China if you like. You should come to train station about 30 minutes before departure, have the tickets in hand as you need to show them to the collectors, keep the tickets with you all the journey as you may have trouble if you lose the tickets...

Over the central highlands

At night we slept at Lak lake, which was the original idea that we should have slept in a longhouse, with minority people, but I think they thought we needed to stay overnight, so they recommended us a real bed in a kind of resort. In the longhouse we would have to live with cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and elephants. The elephant then tried the next day it took us through the seas...

Chronicles of motorbike

After an overnight bus trip we arrived in the former capital - Hue. City still considered to be the cultural capital of Vietnam turned out to be a huge disappointment. After 3 hours driving engine of the city, visiting the ruins of the
Forbidden City (actually it is not even the ruins were only blank), Thien Mu Pagoda and the famous Le Loi Street in the French Quarter...

Specialties in Vietnam that horrify visitors

Trung Vit Lon is sold in every street of Vietnam from rural areas to alleyways. Just a small tables, some chairs and a pot of boiled eggs and the shop is ready to serve. The Vietnamese has a habit of eating Trung Vit Lon in the morning or late evening...

Five famous resort places in Vietnam 100 years ago

Speaking of vacation locations in Vietnam, people would think of Nha Trang, SaPa, Da Lat...But have you ever wondered how these places looked like hundreds of years ago? were they the same as what you see today? Let's find the answer through the exclusive photos below...

Down south to Hoi An

It was resolved the next morning having subject unto bicycle and run fast ride on the river about 7 km on the head. Biking in was really easy because there was not a sweet and gets was like a bride! On.This was reached without panics ... no wax panikoimisen after the works brought traffic is different than the wax there for home in Finland .. Well at long last, however, perilla and driver was the little old man, and was sent to transport. During the trip, it is customary that you also help paddling so were pretty nice floor exercise various effects...

Mai Chau via Moc Chau

In return we saw women wearing a wooden blind with his head. How strong must the Nackensein to so carry a heavy bag can? (see photo) Arriving at the cave we were very disappointed because it's not really a nice  Cave was.Perhaps we have seen too many caves on our trip. So we went already back on quickly. Our next stop was the Tea Heart. That it already rained all day, it made the search even more difficult. When we arrived and the tea factory doorman asked where the heart is, he said we should come to the house and wait until it stops raining

Photography tour, a popular travel activity in Vietnam

Long Pham, a photographer and as a tour guide, revealed that domestic tourists love photography tours in the area of heritage and famous scenic spots. Foreign tourists, there are many different requirements. "They asked me to tell them what the best of Vietnam. Although they love the famous tourist attractions such as Hue old capital, My Son sanctuary and Halong bay, but they do not have enough time to take pictures. However, the scene of a school girl wearing white long dress flying in the wind after school...

Vietnamese traditional village: For and Against

A staunch feeling of communality binds men together within the family, the village, and the state ,which is indeed an ensemble of villages. This has allowed a population living on the cultivation of wet rice to build and maintain large water conservation works and to resist the invasion of powerful foes such as the Mongol armies in the 13th century. Such resistance has always been based on the thick network of villages. In countries where defense relies on urban citadels , the fall of fortresses is followed by military disaster...

Thien Ha cave in Ninh Binh

Under the guidance of Tien, myself and three other tourists sat on a boat rowed by a villager. As he skillfully steered the wooden boat through the "wet" portion of the cave, he constantly reminded us to watch our heads. The sharp stalactites can be dangerous in a cave with ceilings at most 1m from the water. Stalactites from the ceiling and walls come in a great variety of shapes and colours. Every one is unique. "Soda-straw" stalactites are not as common as "dew-drops", finger and petal-shaped tubular growths...